Accommodation Referral form

Asylum Seekers

Our accommodation is provided through shared houses and a voluntary hosting scheme, meaning that places are limited. Please can we encourage you to ensure the client understands that Boaz accommodation is rarely available immediately, and that unfortunately it can be weeks, or sometimes months, before a space is available – our accommodation is temporary, but clients can stay with us for up to a year which is why spaces are not always available quickly. Due to the high number of referrals we receive, some people on the waiting list may never be accommodated so unfortunately we can never guarantee that a space will be available.

Our waiting list is ordered by a scoring system based on priority need (for example: current accommodation, health conditions), and we will normally meet with those scoring highest on our waiting list initially. This meeting is to explain who Boaz is and what we do, and also to further establish the client’s situation and see how we would be able to support the individual, in preparation for spaces becoming available.

As you continue working with the client please let us know of any changes to their situation, as this may affect their suitability or priority on our waiting list. If we have had no contact from you or the referred individual after six months on the waiting list we will email you to confirm whether the client is still in need of accommodation, and remove them from the waiting list if not.


Our accommodation for refugees is also much in demand.  When a place becomes available we will contact those on the waiting list to see if they are still in need of housing. and to check their immigration status.  At this point we will meet with them to take copies of their identification to confirm their immigration status (as requested by law), and to offer them the available room (having already been shown the property). Clients in Boaz refugee housing pay rent for their accommodation, or can claim housing benefit to pay for it.

Before making a referral, please click here to read the Boaz Trust’s Privacy Notice for people on the waiting list for accommodation. Please ensure that the client you are referring has understood this Privacy Notice before proceeding. 

We are committed to protecting your privacy and the personal information you provide us with. In line with our values, we want to treat you – and your personal information – with respect and dignity. It is important to us that you have confidence in us as an organisation, and that you trust us to look after your information. The Boaz Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use and store your personal information, and also explains the rights you have under the 2018 regulations.