Boaz Night Shelter

If you would like to make a referral to our night shelter, please read the following guidance notes carefully.

Once you have read them, please call the Boaz office on 0161 202 1056
to confirm
whether there is a space available tonight.

The Boaz Trust is a charity working to support destitute asylum seekers and refugees. The Boaz night shelter runs from October until the end of April each year. The  night shelter is run by teams of volunteers across Manchester, supported by two part time Boaz night shelter coordinators.

In 2017, we are running men’s and women’s night shelters in parallel, with 2 separate sets of overnight venues and 2 separate teams of volunteers.

Who can stay in the Boaz night shelter?

The Boaz night shelters offer basic accommodation for the following groups of people:

  1. Women and men who have claimed asylum but have had their cases refused and are now homeless
  2. Women and men who have claimed asylum and applied for asylum support but are currently homeless for example because of an administrative delay or error
  3. Women and men who have been granted refugee status but are homeless (for example after NASS has ended)

Unfortunately we are not able to provide accommodation for other migrants or British citizens who have become homeless. If your client does not fit one of the categories above but needs emergency accommodation, please check out Street Support.

Early evening reception services

An early evening reception service for men is open every evening from 6pm-8pm at The Friends Meeting House, 6 Mount Street, Manchester, M2 5NS. 

An early evening reception service for women will also be open each evening from 6pm-7.30pm. We will confirm the women’s reception venue once we have received your referral.

These venues are both only for those individuals who have a confirmed place in the Boaz night shelter for that specific night.

All new guests will be asked to sign a code of conduct at the reception venue. This is currently available in Amharic, Arabic, English, Farsi and Tigrinya.

Transport to the overnight venues

Transport to the overnight venues will only be provided for named men and women who have a confirmed place in the Boaz night shelter If they are not at the Reception Venue at the specified time, they will lose their place.


  • There are a fixed number of bed spaces available each night in a large, shared room in a church building (12 for men, 8 for women initially).
  • Beds consist of camp beds or sleeping mats, sleeping bags and pillows
  • The overnight venues are spread all over Greater Manchester and each venue is used for one night per week
  • Guests will be asked to leave the venue by 8.00 am, and will usually be given either bus fare or transport back into the city centre


  • Warm drinks and snacks are provided at the reception venues
  • Evening meal – a hot meal is provided at the overnight venue soon after arrival. There is always a halal or vegetarian option
  • Breakfast is served from 7-7.45am (approx.)
  • If a guest has any food allergies or specific dietary requirements, please let us know on the referral form

 The referral procedure

  1. Please make sure that the client is eligible for the Boaz night shelter and that they have no viable alternative accommodation
  2. Please explain how the Boaz night shelter works, using the information above, and please make sure your client understands the nature of our night shelter accommodation
  3. While your client is with you, please telephone Boaz on 0161 202 1056 between 10.00am and 3.30pm to confirm if there is a place available for that night
  4. If there is a space available, please follow the link below to complete our online Boaz night shelter referral form which will automatically be sent through to us
  5. Once the referral is confirmed, your client has a space in the night shelter for as long as they need it. If they choose not to stay, or miss 3 nights in a row, or are temporarily excluded for any reason, they will need to be re-referred.

Once you’ve read these notes, you can complete the referral form here.