Volunteer or host

Whilst the number of active volunteers varies at any given time, depending on what’s happening at Boaz we have, or have had, volunteers involved in running client activities, maintaining our houses, hosting, running our Free Shop, supporting our office work and helping us raise funds and awareness of the plight of asylum seekers and the work of Boaz Trust. We are very grateful to all our wonderful volunteers!

We recruit specifically for opportunities as they arise and you can find details of current openings below. If you would like to apply to volunteer for one of these positions then please complete our Volunteer Application Form, being sure to include the role you are applying for and completing the referees section. Forms should be sent to volunteer@boaztrust.org.uk.

The best way to be kept up to date with opportunities at Boaz is by following us on Twitter or Facebook, or checking this page regularly.

We hope that we may have something that you’d like to get involved with here at Boaz but we recognise that we don’t always have as many opportunities for volunteering so would also recommend you contact some other great organisations that may need help:

City of Sanctuary
Rainbow Haven
Manchester Refugee Support Network 

Please scroll down for specific information on hosting.

Thank you.

The latest volunteering opportunities are listed below. 

Please click on the role below to see details;

DIY & Maintenance Volunteer (PDF) 

Vac & Washer Maintenance volunteer (PDF)



Update October 2016: Please note, at the current time we are not registering any new hosts. The reason for this is partly because we have limited places in our shared houses, where people generally move to after being hosted, and also because of limited staff capacity to provide support to the people we are hosting. We felt that by taking on more and more new hosts, we would raise host expectations unfairly, as we just aren’t able to offer that many hosting placements.

If you would like to learn more about our hosting programme and how it works, please read on, and if you have more questions, please get in touch using the email address below.

Over the last year, we’ve been overwhelmed by the number of enquiries we’ve had from people who want to welcome refugees into their homes. If you are contemplating offering a room to someone seeking sanctuary we hope this information will help.

Who would I be hosting?

We primarily work with people who are at the end of the asylum process when their asylum application has been refused*. Many of the people have experienced trauma back home, on their journey to the UK, or here in the UK where they may have experienced detention or exploitation.

Who are Boaz hosts?

A wonderful, varied bunch with a few key things in common;

1. Living in Manchester (within or just outside the M60)

2. Able to provide accommodation (a  private spare room for an individual(s)) for at least 1 month

3. Sympathetic to those seeking asylum and willing to work in an appropriate way regarding cultural sensitivities, respecting boundaries etc

Is it for me?

We don’t know yet. But we would love to talk to you about it to explore that.

Hosting can be joyful and rewarding but can also bring challenges for both the host and client and it is vitally important to us that we provide appropriate support to everyone involved. This does mean that we can’t always accept every offer of accommodation, and we can’t accommodate every person who asks for our help but we have many success stories.

Having read the above, if you are based in the Manchester area and would like to find out more about hosting, please email us on hosting@boaztrust.org.uk.

If you are from outside Manchester and would like to find about similar projects in your area, please visit www.naccom.org.uk, a national network of organisations providing accommodation for destitute asylum seekers.

Thank you so much.

*A refused asylum claim does not mean a claim is not genuine. There are many challenges in the UK system to having your case understood and believed.