One aim of the Boaz Trust is to equip churches to serve asylum seekers and refugees in their communities and congregations. We seek to do this by working with our local churches and also nationally.

One thing we ask all churches to do is pray. We believe that prayer is vital if we are to see and end to asylum destitution. Download a prayer leaflet and find out how to sign up to our monthly prayer email here.

Are you from a local church in Greater Manchester and wanting to know more about us or support us? 

We are always really happy to come and share about our work, whether that’s in a service, another time when some folk from church have come together, or with an individual or two exploring options to take back to the wider church.

We also invite churches to consider making us a mission partner. The prayer and financial support from such a partnership could pay for food for asylum seekers or cover energy costs in a Boaz house for destitute asylum seekers. But there are many ways a church or church group can partner with us, be that practical or financial.

If you’d like to discuss any of these options or book a speaker please contact our Community Engagement manager on

Are you from a church or para church organisation, local or elsewhere, seeking advice and support on how to support asylum seekers and refugees in your area, maybe even start a project? 

We’re really keen to encourage others in their own work to serve asylum seekers and refugees in their area. We also recognise that it can be hard to know how best to do this.

If you would like to chat to someone about how best to support asylum seekers in your congregation, or perhaps you’re considering starting your own project to help them, or have one in progress, please contact our Founder Dave Smith on

Dave has a wealth of knowledge and experience and works with individual churches/projects as well as putting on conferences and events to encourage and up skill those seeking to better support asylum seekers.