Boaz provides accommodation and holistic support for refused destitute asylum seekers, and homeless refugees in Greater Manchester. We manage an ever-growing waiting list of people who are in need of accommodation and support. Each week referrals are considered and if accommodation is available, those in most need of support are offered accommodation. Boaz accommodation is time-limited. We usually offer a package of accommodation and support for a period of up to one year.

There are three types of Boaz accommodation:

Boaz Night Shelter

For the last 10 years, the Boaz Night Shelter has provided emergency overnight accommodation for up to 12 homeless asylum seeking or refugee men each night through out the winter. During winter 2017-18, for the first time we will be running a parallel night shelter service for women. Our night shelters are hosted by different churches in Greater Manchester each night of the week, and include an early evening Drop In service in central Manchester. A hot meal and breakfast is also provided.

The Boaz Night Shelter 2017-2018 will be open for referrals on Monday 2nd October 2017.


Hosting Scheme

Local individuals and families offer their spare rooms to asylum seeker guests for an agreed time. This is usually for a minimum of one month. If you would like to explore the possibility of hosting please read more on our newly updated Hosting page.

Shared Houses

We currently manage 14 shared houses, the majority of which are for people have been refused asylum with the remaining offering accommodation to refugees. Houses are allocated for men or women. Sadly we cannot usually accommodate family groups. Boaz leases houses, free of charge or at low cost, from various sources, which over the years have included individual supporters, Green Pastures and the Diocese of Manchester.


To make a referral to the Boaz Trust for space in our hosting or shared houses please complete the online referral form:

Boaz general accommodation referral form