New Houses, New Clients and how you can get involved!

Back in September, we launched an online appeal to help us raise the necessary funds to get these two properties up and running. It has been a delight to receive such a positive response from our supporters, and we are pleased to have raised over half of our target for the new houses, with over £2000 donated (including gift aid) towards the renovations and preparation of the homes so far.

Thanks to this support we have already been able to refurbish and furnish the both of our houses to a good standard, and we’re so thrilled to let you know that four refugee clients have already moved in and we’re well on the way to getting the second house fully tenanted as some of our asylum seeking clients began to move in this week!

One of our clients said of his new accommodation:

” I’m so excited to have my own key and house and the kitchen is so beautiful! I can see myself cooking my food here and to be the first to cook in this house!”

Our huge thanks to our Housing Manager, Mark and our Client Support Team who worked tirelessly to ensure that every detail was up to a great standard.

As our waiting list continues to grow, one of our main goals this year has been to increase the number of destitute people we are able to accommodate and support. As well as expanding our hosting and night shelter projects, we want to continue to increase the number of shared houses we manage, and one way we are doing this is through partnering with a small number of local housing associations.

You’ll be able to hear more about this exciting new development if you come to our Family Night (see below!), but in the meantime, we are so grateful to our friends at Arawak Walton who have partnered with us in piloting this expansion work as we meet the growing demand for housing for refugees.

If you’d like to help us with the rest of the start up costs for our newest house as well as future Boaz houses which are already in the pipeline, you can donate here: 

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