“”I’m not ashamed” – Victoria’s Story.

We wanted to share some feedback we recently received from one of our clients, Victoria*, who lived in one of our shared houses. Victoria fled to the UK from a country in West Africa, and she told us how her life changed during her time with Boaz:

“Boaz helped me so much; physically, mentally, emotionally. Firstly, I had my own place to sleep.

My first day I saw my bedroom and it was like therapy. I was very depressed and I had no hope. I came and Boaz offered me a house, and from there, I had a key. I was made welcome – in Boaz, in the house.

I had my own address, and my own place and I felt security – slowly by slowly. I met different people – women like me. It gave me courage to go outside and find activities and different groups.

When you stay at a friends or if you are homeless, you can’t do these things. Day by day, I was feeling like I have freedom. Being destitute is not easy but I had no shame to say I was in Boaz and the situation I was in.

Boaz helped me build my esteem and not to feel embarrassed of my situation. I’m not ashamed to say I live with Boaz.”

We are really thankful that we were able to give Victoria her own key and somewhere to stay as she continued on her journey to safety.

We couldn’t have done this without the help of all those who support us – be it through giving money, donations of food or toiletries, or being a host or a house owner – thank you so much for standing with us.

*Victoria asked us to change her name and asked us not to disclose her home country.