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Many of you have been deeply disturbed by the unfolding refugee crisis, and moved by the plight of those seeking sanctuary in Europe.

Whilst there are no easy answers there are absolutely some practical things we can all do. Not least of these is engaging with the issues. Could you join the conversation? Help counter the unhelpful headlines? Speak out for a fairer system, compassion and an humanitarian response? We hope the answer’s yes, and we hope this will help;

Understand the true facts and figures

The numbers change rapidly each day but the general picture when it comes to the global problem, and the UK response, is pretty consistent. Find the reality at these reliable sources;

10 truths about Europe’s Migrant Crisis – The Guardian

EU Migration: Crisis in Graphics – BBC

Statistics of Refugees and Asylum – The Refugee Council

Challenge unhelpful myths about those seeking sanctuary

People have all sorts of misconceptions about those seeking refuge. It’s important to be able to separate truth from misunderstanding. Here’s a start…

The Truth About Asylum – The Refugee Council

Speak out and ask your representatives to do the same

We’re already seeing how individuals are making a real difference to our government’s response to the crisis but so much more can be done if we all use our voices to show our support for those seeking refuge. You don’t need to have all the answers- just tell them you care. Consider contacting your MP, your Council Leaders, write to the press, join social media campaigns. These resources will help;

Regional Asylum Activism

They work for you

Write to them 

Stay updated 

Keep up to date with debate, hear the latest statistics, stories and how you can get involved. People and organisations to follow on Twitter and Facebook:

@BoazTrust     The Boaz Trust 

@Refugee Action   Refugee Action  



Regional Asylum Activism

Invite us to tell you and those you know more

We welcome the chance to come and talk to community and church groups, schools or other collectives of those interested to understand more about the UK asylum system and how Boaz works to support those seeking refuge. If you’re interested in booking a speaker please email engage@boaztrust.org.uk.



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