The Book of Boaz is out now

Syria reminds us why we need a book about the Boaz Trust

As TV screens are filled with heart-rending images of refugees from the Syrian conflict, The Book of Boaz tells the personal story of Dave Smith’s passionate campaign to fight the cause of the asylum seeker through the creation of The Boaz Trust.

The Book of Boaz destroys preconceptions and stereotypes about asylum seekers in the UK with revelatory insights into their experiences of our sometimes painfully chaotic systems. It is written by a man who is zealous to improve the lives of these vulnerable men and women, but who is also concerned to help us all, and the church in particular, to notice and discover God’s heart for the marginalised people around us.

The book describes how the Boaz Trust grew from one man to become the largest provider of accommodation for destitute refused asylum seekers in the UK. Expect to be challenged and express disbelief, to laugh and cry as you meet real people in the Book of Boaz, and hear their stories. This book challenges us all to treat asylum seekers with dignity, challenges the church to become God’s answer to destitution, and challenges government to implement a more humane and just asylum system.

The Revd Ian Parkinson, Vicar of All Saints Marple, writes that the Book of Boaz is

“an inspiring and challenging account of where God might lead you if you take seriously His command to love the least and the lost and the most disadvantaged in our society. In this account of the Boaz Trust, Dave gives us a graphic insight into the desperate plight of those who flee to Britain to escape persecution, torture and even the threat of death in their own country.”

The Book of Boaz is published by Instant Apostle and is for sale from 1 June 2014 from bookshops and online retailers such as Amazon, the Book Depository and Eden. For trade, it is available from Lion Hudson c/o Marston.

The Boaz Trust is a registered charity 1110344, founded by Dave Smith and based in Manchester. Since 2004 Boaz has provided accommodation, practical and pastoral support to over 500 destitute asylum seekers and refugees.


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