Take the Lent Endurance Challenge

Our challenge to you is to live on a typical food parcel for an asylum seeker, for one week during Lent (5 March – 17 April). It’s not an easy challenge, but it is a great way to raise awareness about the poverty many asylum seekers face. You can also raise funds for the Boaz Trust that can be spent on food and essentials for destitute asylum seekers.

Sadly many who flee persecution overseas and seek sanctuary in the UK, are refused asylum. Rather than return home to face persecution, many choose a life of destitution in the UK. Refused asylum seekers usually receive no benefits, no housing and have no right to work. The British Red Cross and Boaz Trust provide food for destitute asylum seekers who have nowhere else to turn for help.

We invite you to either:
A) purchase the items listed below that make up a typical British Red Cross food parcel (approximate cost: £10), or B) set aside £10 as your food allowance for the week, and choose the food you eat

A British Red Cross food parcel consists of:
1 x orange
1 x apple
1 x banana
1 x pear
1 x green pepper
2 x onions
1 x tin of baked beans
1 x tin of spaghetti in tomato sauce
1 x tin of tomatoes
1 x tin of vegetable soup
1 x tin of tomato soup
1 x tin garden peas OR kidney beans
1 x tin of sweetcorn
1 x small tin of tuna
1 x small tin of sardines
Peanuts (small bag)
Biscuits (1 pack)
1 x loaf of white OR brown bread
250g pasta twists OR spaghetti
250g long grain white rice
250g semolina
250g sugar
250g salt
250ml vegetable oil
12 teabags
1 x carton of apple OR orange juice (1 litre)
1 x carton of UHT longlife milk (1 litre)

Download the Lent Endurance Challenge 2014 guide and Lent reflections.

If you take on the Lent Challenge, do let us know how you get on!

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