Reflections on the Lent Endurance Challenge

Today’s guest post comes from Vron, who along with 3 others from a local church, took part in the Lent Endurance Challenge for 7 days. Here are her thoughts and feedback:

“Having time to reflect on the experience, I found the most difficult part not having a choice in what I could eat.

It wasn’t so much the lack of food (mostly just one small meal a day) but the choice available. On one of the days I sat down to my meal and realised that I was only eating it because I had to eat something. It was not always enjoyable!

Another challenging aspect was that I had to be very organised in planning meals especially as I was out at different times of the day and I would usually pick up a sandwich, but obviously couldn’t. Most of the food in the Red Cross food parcel has to be prepared and cooked in advance.

There is generally a lack of freedom attached to living on a food parcel. I learnt so much from the experience and although it might be a cliché, I realised how very fortunate I am that I can buy and enjoy whatever I want to eat. It was sad to think that I only had to do it for 7 days when many asylum seekers rely on the food parcels for months or years. It was worth doing for the learning experience and for the money we raised for people who deserve better.”

Vron, Nick, Maggie and Pat raised a total of £922 for Boaz, which is really amazing. Well done to them and everyone else who took up the Challenge this year! If you want to show your support you can still donate by clicking here.

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