Breaking barriers- awareness and campaigns

This week is Poverty and Homelessness Action Week and we’re joining with loads of organisations around the country to pray and take action for those facing social and economic barriers in our nation. Here at Boaz we’re focusing on destitute asylum seekers and refugees, who as you may well know, experience barriers to accessing the things many of us take for granted each day.

Today we focus on… awareness and campaigns

Pray for Dave attending the Centre for Social Justice conference tomorrow- that he will be able to make contact with movers and shakers in the field of asylum! Please also pray for our friends at Sound off for Justice as this is an important week for the Welfare bill.

Take action today by going to the City of Sanctuary website and registering your support. If you’ve got time today,why not also visit the NCADC website and sign some petitions?! Your help really does make a difference!

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