Boaz 2012

What’s Boaz 2012?

Boaz 2012 is our Christmas and New Year appeal. The idea is to raise enough money so that we can give every Boaz resident a basic needs package worth £20 every week. We have a growing number of clients, each with a variety of needs, and we want to show generosity to every single person. If you’d like to be part of that, we’d love to hear from you

What is a basic needs package?

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Boaz clients don’t have any income of their own because they can’t legally work, and they can’t access benefits either. This leaves them completely destitute. Here at Boaz we support every person with money for food and travel costs each week, so they can attend appointments with health and legal professionals, visit friends and access activities, classes and training opportunities offered by Boaz and other organisations.

A typical basic needs package covers food, toiletries and travel expenses.  At the moment we spend roughly £13 on each person every week, but with rising food and travel prices this is no longer sufficient. That’s why we want to increase it to £20 per person- but we can’t afford to do it without your help!

Christmas is a great time to be generous, and the new year is a perfect opportunity to commit to new things. So why not combine the two and commit to giving regularly to this cause?! For full details of the appeal, visit the new page about it, or contact us for more info!

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